Beyonce Knowles Body Measurements

Many of you have been asking about the ridiculously amazing body measurements of our beloved Beyonce Knowles, and i must admit, I've pondered the same question myself...

So after a did a little digging around the internet, i was able to come up with a few different estimations regarding Beyonce's measurements, including 34-25-40, 34-26-38 and even a few 36-24-34's.

What have we learned here? Not a whole lot, except there seems to be some serious confusion about Beyonce Knowles' curves. What do you think?

Beyonce Knowles Net Worth

Its no secret that Beyonce Knowles is totally loaded to the gills with enough money to fund a small country.

And encase you didn't already know, there is a few websites online where you can check the net worth of celebrities.

So without further ado, Beyonce Knowles has a net worth of $315 Million!



Beyonce Knowles Birthday

Its amazing how Beyonce Knowles reached such a high level of success at such a young age. She is practicality the number one female artist over last decade and she is only 28 years old.

Remember that her birthday September 4, 1981. Get ya popcorn ready!

Beyonce Knowles Nose Job?

Its become quite apparent that many people believe Beyonce Knowles' has underwent plastic surgery for a nose job?

I will admit the before and after picture looks like a nose job, but that is only because magazines airbrush using photoshop and alter the appearance of celebrities.


Beyonce Knowles Sunglasses

I don't think there is any other celebrity that has been spotted with such a variety of different sunglasses than Beyonce Knowles. Which is not too surprising when you consider she is well known for her over the top fashion style.

For example, checkout these ultra trendy AM Eyewear sunglasses which have a square designs, kinda resembling a classic view finder toy.

What do you think about all the wacky styles of Beyonce Knowles?


Beyonce Knowles Perfect Teeth

Beyonce Knowles is clearly a stunning beauty and amazing talent, but have you seen the superb teeth on this woman? Absolutely goregous.

Perfectly straight and lovely shade of white!

Did she need the help of teeth whitening products? You make the call.


Beyonce Knowles Look-A-Likes

Beyonce Knowles is truly a one of a kind beauty, with no real look a likes to mentions.

However, checkout these two Beyonce Knowles wannabe look a likes.

Are they worthy two be even be considered?